Useful Links

It’s the Load/Error rolodex!

As time goes on I’ll be giving out links for useful sites, whether they be stores to buy things from, articles to read, podcasts to follow – Anything and everything really!  This is an easy-to-reach page and will be updated as and when needed!

Arcade Club – Located in Bury, Manchester.  The UK and Europe’s biggest collection of arcade machines and pinball tables.  Cheap admission and no extra charge to play, it’s a great day out!

Games That Weren’t – A great site detailing all those games that were never released – for whatever reason!

Harry’s Twitch Channel – Click here to see my good friend knocking people senseless in UFC, as well as our crazy sessions on Dead Rising 4!

Retro Towers – UK Store for Flash Cartridges and other gaming goodies.  Used these several times and trust them!

Sega MegaMods – A page on UK Site Etsy.  They sell reproductions of Sega games, as well as their own artwork.  Best of all, they do console mods at super cheap prices!

Stone Age Gamer – American Store for Flash Cartridges and  other gaming goodies.  Never used myself but good reputation!

The ISO Zone – Best site on the internet for downloading old games, and a fantastic community (including me!) We support each other and celebrate our common love: Retro!

TVGP – One of my favourite podcasts for gaming talk, this show is super easy to listen to and certainly has it’s funny moments, without being loud and obnoxious.  Worth a listen!