First play video – Super Mario 64

Let-sa Goooo!

Mario 64 has left a massive footprint in the video game universe.  It changed the way we think about 3D platformers, and set the bar for many of the sequels to follow.  The mechanics, camera modes and inherent charm would become staples of the genre going forward, and this one game played it’s part in cementing Nintendo’s legacy.

But does it hold up in 2019?

Despite never having a real go at this particular game before, I had an idea of what to expect going in. (This isn’t exactly my first rodeo.)  What followed though, was a journey of discovery,  slight frustration, slow understanding and childlike laughter.

I’m a little rusty at videos, so bear with me while I get back into the swing of things.  Enjoy, and please don’t judge, I’m trying to be the best plumber I can be 🙂

More to come, lets see how far we can get!  ‘Till next time!


One thought on “First play video – Super Mario 64

  1. This was my first n64 game that I played,and boy what a game! It really was a next step in gaming revolution and many games would take ideas from it even to this day.Great watching it again I’m amazed how well it’s aged and here’s to looking forward to more n64 this month!


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