January 2019 – N64 Month!

Opening up a whole new dimension!
Hey peeps.  Hope you all had a fantastic time over the festive period. I ate, drank, and sang waaaay too much!

2019 is here, a whole new year and hopefully a clean slate for this blog too. No beating around the bush, I want to hit the ground running and grow this baby up bigger than it ever was before. To do that we need some focus, and what better way to focus than to dedicate each month of the year to a different system?


For the Month of January, I’ll be focusing on Nintendo’s much loved third console, the Nintendo 64. It’ll be a real challenge for me as I never owned one growing up, and I had limited exposure to it back in the day!  I picked up this snazzy clear green one a couple of years ago, and the time has come to put it through it’s paces.

Throughout the month I’ll be taking on it’s most iconic game, Mario 64…. and all you N64 kids can laugh at a grown man trying to stumble through it! We’ll take a look at some of the console’s success stories, and some of it’s disasters too. I’m going to turn this thing inside out before we get to February, and end the month with my top 10 N64 games!

If I feel the need to post anything else throughout the month I will, I have a few game reviews up my sleeve and a whole pile of Christmas goodies to try out.

Happy New Year guys and gals. As a famous plumber once said “Heeeere we go!”

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