First Play: Deadpool (PS3)

I’m not really into super heroes, but this guy…. I can dig.

I’m supposed to be playing Watchdogs 2 right now. I spent some cold hard cash on the latest hacking/action blockbuster from Ubisoft, and it’s installed on my Xbox one, just waiting for me to jump into it.

I don’t like doing what I’m supposed to, though. For no reason whatsoever, I fired up my PS3, and started to browse the games I had installed on there.

I mean, why not? Right?


As mentioned in the tag line, I don’t really DO super heroes. I’ve seen some of the films (although I’m now sick to the back teeth of non stop releases!) And I even read a few Marvel/DC comics in my day. I’ve heard about Deadpool before, but never bothered to read up on the character. I don’t know his back story, his motivations, his real name, what powers he has…. anything!

So why ON EARTH did I press X to start this game?


Anyway, the game loads and camera cuts to Deadpool in full costume, spreadeagled on a chair in a beat-down apartment listening to his answering machine. When he’s not hearing what he wants to (in this case his proposal for his own videogame has been turned down) he casually flicks a switch. There’s a muffled explosion, camera shakes…. and suddenly his phone’s ringing and the game has been miraculously green-lit.

In the opening 5 minute cutscene this game had given me a likeable anti-hero, who caused chaos with a nonchalant flick of his wrist, for his own gain. AAAAND the fourth wall was broken. Because Deadpool got his own game, and it’s THIS game. It’s funny, it’s clever and I want to see more.

Moving the left stick as the game commands to “Get off your ass,” the first objective is to investigate Deadpool’s own apartment. Standard fare really, as I lumber around clicking L2 on anything remotely interesting. Deadpool opens the fridge and a little progress bar pops up “1/14 – Playing with Deadpool’s junk.” This toilet humour shouldn’t be funny to a 33 year old, but in spite of myself I have to crack a smile.

A quick tutorial follows, and I’m up to speed in an instant. Deadpool is actually a Bayonetta, A Devil May Cry…. there’s lots of movement, short and long range attacks, combos and LOTS of bad guys in large arenas. Action is fast, and VERY rewarding. Racking up combos earns you points, points can be spent on upgrades, new weapons and new skills.

All the while you’ll be progressing through the game’s “script” (Deadpool drew all over it in crayon before the tutorial) Something about assassinating a corrupt media Mogul?


Controls are really sharp, and easy to get used to. The games surroundings have just the right amount of detail, and you’ll be using cover to get your breath in between all the slicing and blasting. A great mechanic is Deadpool’s teleport – zipping you through crowds of enemies and out the other side. It really helps when you’re so out-numbered! There are also platforming sections too, which help to break up the action a little.

Drawbacks? I’ve not found any yet, It’s a really solid opening. I just hope High Moon studios can keep the action/comedy mix interesting as the game ticks over! I suppose a lot of that depends on the upgrades you can purchase, and the enemies you face. Time will tell, but I AM impressed with this game so far and I’ll drop you an update when I crack it or chuck it!

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