Load/Error Update

Slowing down to speed up again!

Hey there!

As you may have noticed, posts on Load/Error have been slowing to a crawl recently. There are several reasons for this. One being my work/life balance. I’m struggling to find time to write posts I’m happy with because I never know when I’ll be free to write them! The one day off I’m usually guaranteed per week is spent trying to relax and recharge before the next onslaught. And with Christmas around the corner, that isn’t likely to change any time soon!

Another thing that sits at the back of my head is the material I post up here. I write about whatever I feel like, whether it’s a retro game, a modern game, a convention I’ve been to or a piece of news that interests me. Is that the right thing to do? Is this what people want to read about? Maybe my blog would generate more interest if I posted exclusively about current games? (I really can’t afford to keep buying brand new games though!)  I kind of flit from one thing to the next….. not sure if I need to focus.

Anyway, I’m at the point where I’m just taking stock, having a think about how best to proceed…. because I ain’t stopping! I’ve got a week of annual leave coming up which should give me a chance to do some writing without stress. I’ve also planned a Christmas special with Mike, which should be a barrel of laughs! We’ll even take a look at the NES Mini.

What about now? I’m still playing tons of animation throwdown. The events, challenges, and diffrent cards you can recieve and combine have got me like a fish on a hook.


I recently picked up this little beauty

Expect a “First Play” Soon!

And due to my larger CRT Tv acting up, I’ve decided to Re-Jig the games room!


Thanks in advance for bearing with me while I get my a** back in gear!  I’ll be back very soon!


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