Slipping back into Fallout 4

Hello wasteland….did you miss me?

Do you know what real love is?

Real love is giving your copy of Fallout 4 to your fiancée, and waiting….. patiently waiting….. for her to finish it. Weeks went by. MONTHS went by. As each piece of downloadable content was released to Fallout fanatics everywhere, I would lose a little more of my sanity.

She still hasn’t finished it.

Luckily for me, she gradually lost interest and started playing something else. Like a vault-boy with the “sneak” perk, I retrieved my disk and fled to the games room. It was time to get reacquainted with an old friend!


Ever since Fallout 3 back in Christmas 2008, I’ve been obsessed with the series. The premise is always the same: Explore and survive in a world torn apart by nuclear Armageddon! People have often described that concept as depressing, but I think it’s the perfect backdrop for some amazing adventures.

As you traverse the wasteland, you’ll see plenty of barren landscapes, entire towns turned into rubble… all sorts of unholy mutated creatures, and bandits who shoot and loot in equal proportions! However, you’ll also see humanity desperately struggling to rebuild their shattered lives. People with stories, problems and their own agendas. Your character? Man/woman, good/evil, brawler/blaster……it’s all up to you.


Meet Lizzie. This red-headed vixen has been my partner for well over 150 hours of Fallout 4 gameplay. She’s an expert with a lockpick, and favours a heavily modified Plasma Rifle nicknamed ‘ol Faithful. She’s a charmer too, able to use powers of persuasion to talk her way out of a fight. We’ve been through so many adventures together, from running out of bullets and scrounging resources to taking down Legendary Deathclaws and saving the entire Boston Commonwealth!  The picture above…. that’s HER house.  Fallout has it’s own build mode this time around, and what stared as a vacant lot is now a 3 storey house with armoury, trophy room and WORKING ELECTRICITY!

(Can you tell I’m attached?)

So, after so much time away, I gleefully loaded up the most recent save game and was plunged straight back into Lizzie’s shoes.  It took a few side missions to get used to the controls again, but as the reflex memory returned, I started to play through some of the DLC packs I mentioned above. All new adventures with murderous robots? Yes please. New quests, a new companion…. and a collision course with the mysterious Mechanist!

Throughout your adventure, you can collect and play fallout themed versions of well-loved retro games!  Fallout 4 was MADE for me.

I’m about half way through the second DLC pack now – Far Harbour. This opens up a huge new area to explore – you have to travel to it via a ferry on the far North East corner of the map. The story sees you set out to find a missing person, but end up as the saviour of a small coastal town. Various nasties old and new gave me a good run for my money, but were no match for my newest – and most prized – weapon, an Explosive 44. Magnum! It brought down a Mirelurk Queen in 6 shots….. which is just crazy.

So, Fallout well and truly has it’s hooks back into me. What a shocker. For those who have yet to experience life after the blast,  I really, REALLY recommend you pick this up… it’s an adventure like no other!

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