Video: Halloween Special!

The scariest thing since Duke Nukem Forever!

It’s that time of year again.  Kids dress up and go begging for sweets, adults dress up and get hammered.  The costumes range from “inspired” to “scary” to….. “oh come on, at least make an effort!”  Pumpkins are carved in all manner of amusing shapes, and the Ghostbusters song can be heard everywhere!  Good ol’ Ray Parker Junior’s version though, we shan’t speak of the pretender.

Back on message:  It’s Halloween!

I’ve not dressed up at all this year.  I’ve decided to play to my strengths and bring you three of the Scariest, goriest games I’ve ever played.  But first, let me give some honourable mentions:

reResident Evil

One of my favourite games of all time, Resident Evil left such an impression on me.  The mansion it was set in was as large as it was creepy.  An excellent soundtrack helped set the tone, and the limited ammo, health and ink ribbons (used to save progress) made this a tense struggle I will NEVER forget!

silentSilent Hill

Just when we thought Resident Evil had the horror genre all sewn up, Silent Hill ripped up the rule book.  While Resi relied on jump-scares, enclosed spaces and set pieces, Silent Hill was more psychological horror.  It got inside your head.  You tried to figure out Silent Hill’s mysteries and the answers to your questions were… demonic.

alieniAlien Isolation

There’s ONE Alien?  In the WHOLE game?  Most people would scoff at this, but spend an hour with 2014’s Isolation and you’ll soon change your mind.  You can’t fight him, you can’t defend against him, you can RUN and you can HIDE.  Unlike anything else I’ve ever played, this title was game of the year for a LOT of people.  I loved it.

eternaldEternal Darkness

An exclusive title on Nintendo’s ill-fated Gamecube, I may well do a video on this title alone.  A student finds a book, bound by human skin and bone.  As she reads, we get to play out several chapters from ancient history.  A monk, a doctor, a firefighter… to name but three.  Where will the story take us?  It’s a journey WELL worth travelling, in my opinion.

There are so many more I could have mentioned, but I’ll save the ammo for next year.  Have a quick look at the video, I hope I can inspire some of you to revisit these gems!

The Video – Aliens vs Predator, Thrill Kill, Dead Space

I’ll see you all next time.  Be safe out there, and share share share!

3 thoughts on “Video: Halloween Special!

  1. I can remember playing countless hours on resident evil it was hard at times such an amazing game but silent Hill I’ve never really been a big fan of that game and they made it worse by bringing out two shitty films


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