First Play – Animation Throwdown

Putting all my cards on the table here.

I first heard about Animation throwdown on gaming podcast TVGP. The concept was really intriguing – a ferocious battle between Family Guy, Futurama, Bob’s Burgers, American Dad and King of the Hill characters….. using playing cards!

I downloaded it, because it was free. I’ve been playing for several days and still haven’t spent a penny. Ladies and gentlemen, hell may have just frozen over, because I am enjoying my second Smartphone game of the YEAR!

So lets take a look!


This is your basic battle screen. You’re given a starting deck of cards based on your favourite show, and a “hero” to be your team captain (I started off with Family Guy, naturally) but over time, you can add to this deck by earning coins and opening packs.

My hero right now is Steve Smith, and the cards at the bottom are the hand I’ve been dealt randomly from my deck of 26. I can play these cards one at a time, and new ones are shuffled in as you go. ¬†You all know Quagmire, and you might know Gene from Bob’s Burgers. But what about the drugs, school and Red Ford truck?

This is Throwdown’s best feature – you can COMBINE cards. Combo cards have unique abilities and more health/damage attributes. They’re also relevant to the shows they came from! Combining Meg Griffin with the Costume card, for example, gives you “sexy cat” (you can see it poking out from behind my deck above) and that outfit was a Halloween costume from an episode of the show. It’s fun to try out different combinations and try to get a nice strong deck.


You’ll need a strong deck, too. Throwdown has quests, challenges, a “story mode” and it’s own battle arena where you can battle other players. Winning card games in each mode will earn you different rewards. You may not know what a Giggitywatt is now, but I promise that you’ll be crying out for them soon enough!

This game is free to play, but with so many different resouces (gems, coins, giggitywatts, pumpkins etc) needed to level up heroes and cards, discover new combinations and purchase new card packs, the game really tries to tug at your wallet. Super rare card packs always seem just out of reach, unless you spend a few pounds and then you can have them immediatley!

Like I’ve said though, my resolve is strong and I haven’t spent a single real world penny. I’ve got some good combinations going and won 87 matches so far, so it IS possible to play for free.


Animation Throwdown – The Quest for Cards is available on IOS and Google Play right now. If you’re a fan of these shows, I suggest you give it a try. Time will tell, but I think I’ll be playing this for a good long while!

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