Video: House of the Dead 2 – Dreamcast

Time to lock and load!

Making the Cannon Fodder video has really go me back in the zone for making these clips. I’m messing around with setups, learning how to use new editing software…. it’s great fun! So as soon as the video went up, ideas for my next one were whizzing round my head.

With Halloween a mere 15 days away, I decided it was time for something scary. I also wanted to push myself with using peripherals! Step forward Sega’s House of the Dead 2 on Dreamcast, where zombies, monsters, and awful voice acting lurks around every corner!

This game was released in 1998, and it’s still just as playable now as it was back then! I love these arcade-style shooting games, they’re so accessible and easy to play.

I used a tripod and a camera to record gameplay, and a webcam connected to a laptop to film my reactions. Combining videos was a little tricky, but what I’ve come out with is my favourite video to date…. despide the Load/Error at the end when the webcam slides off to the side by itself. It’s all learning, I guess!

Hope you enjoy it. See you next time!

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