Gameplay Video: Doom (2016)

Not for the squeamish.  Or the fainthearted.  Beware!

Okay, okay. I know it’s only been a day since Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter locked horns, but I had an interesting request on my Facebook page today and had I just had to respond to it.

It turns out my good friend Tom has been recording his playthrough of 2016’s smash hit, Doom. He asked me if I could share it around and try to get some eyes on it, and what better place to put the spotlight on it than my very own gaming blog?

The video here is part one of Tom’s epic journey, the very beginnings of the game on “Ultra-Violent mode” – The hardest difficulty setting. The video runs around 15 minutes, but he’ll be releasing new clips each day on his Youtube channel, he has the next 4 days’ worth set to go live at 6.30pm each day, GMT of course.

I asked Tom a few questions before posting:

Hi Tom, great to have you here!  First question: What was going through your head when you chose “Ultra Violent mode”?  Haha that is a very good question, in all honesty i saw it as a challenge that people would like, a challenge for myself and something that the viewers would like. I usually play FPS’s on normal the first time i play them but this one i just threw caution to the wind and decided to go for Ultra-Violent.

Do you play games on PC Exclusively?  Yes, i only play games on my PC, i did used to play games on the Xbox 360 but since upgrading to my PC i’ve never really gone back, that and i don’t have a TV any more haha.

Really? That’s crazy. Okay, a couple more. How did you find your first 15 minutes? Did you ever feel like this might be too tough?  Yeah really, don’t get me wrong i have nothing against people who play a console but its just not my thing anymore. I enjoy the higher frame rate, the freedom to run multiple things at once and adjust my hardware when and if i want to. The first 15 minutes i felt were a bit more difficult than all the other FPS games that i’d played but yet not as difficult as the Call Of Duty series on veteran mode!

Fair enough! Last question: If you could pick one game that people should go and experience right now, what would it be? (Don’t say Doom)  The one game that hit me hard and really got me into the series was Bioshock. That game really took me in, shocked me, spat me back out and gave me the ride of my life. I love it and will continue to play it over and over again till my PC won’t run anymore haha!

The Video

Hope you enjoyed that!  To be honest, I’d rather him than me!  Some final words:  “Bethesda have done an amazing job on revamping and remaking this murderous classic, the graphics are amazing, the gameplay is amazing and it is just an overall 10/10 game”  A ringing endorsement!

Tom‘s Youtube Channel is here, he is  thejokerzxi on Twitter and you can catch him playing games live on his twitch account.    Well worth a look!

Thanks a lot for sharing bud, sure we’ll be seeing more of you soon!


2 thoughts on “Gameplay Video: Doom (2016)

  1. I can remember playing this game years ago the film Hollywood did was a shit the games were amazing I always preferred the console to pc everybody’s different to what they like


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