No Man’s Sky Update, Thoughts

In space, no-one can hear you scream (for a refund!)

I’ve had No Man’s Sky for a little over three weeks now. I was so excited to finally get hold of this (it was my most anticipated title this year) and I have to say, I’m really enjoying it!

So what’s that clever tagline about a refund?

It seems the internet is ablaze with angry No Man’s Sky players. Hello Games had mentioned features such as being able to encounter other players, being able to land on Asteroids, and being able to destroy space stations. It would appear that key features like these, as well as numerous other things were advertised as being in the game and were strangely absent when the game made it to store shelves. I’ve discovered a reddit thread which documents all of these “broken promises” and I have to say, that’s quite a list they have going on there! Numerous refund requests have been sent to retailers like Steam and Amazon.

But that’s other people.

No Man's Sky_20160831232042
Each and every world is incredibly detailed!

For me, personally, No Man’s Sky has been a breath of fresh air. Being able to explore planets at my own pace, mining materials, managing resources and learning alien languages – all without player avatars and gamertags running round in every direction! The lack of multiplayer is some people’s greatest bugbear but at least for now, I’m revelling in the peace and quiet!

It took quite a while to get to grips with No Man’s Sky. There’s very little in the way of tutorials and since you need to repair your ship before you can leave the first planet, you have to learn the ropes. The various menu systems felt a lot like the ones in Destiny, which helped me no end. After I’d got used to the menus and the controls I set out to mine some materials. The first planet is rich with everything you could want, but it’s easy to wander off and lose your ship. Again, I had to learn what each icon meant on the compass as no key was provided.

Slowly, but surely, I got to grips. The ship was repaired, I met a few friendly aliens, fed some animals and filled my inventories to the brim with raw materials. On the second planet I annoyed the sentinels, and had my first gunfight with them. No Man’s Sky was really impressing me now, with gorgeous visuals, secrets to uncover and the promise of a long haul journey to the centre of the universe! After learning how to craft antimatter, and gathering the ingredients, I fuelled my brand new warp drive and could now travel to different Galaxies!

No Man's Sky_20160831231738
No Man’s sky has it’s humorous moments too!

What has followed since has been more of the same. Explore, mine, trade. I’m really enjoying the challenge of learning the language of the Gek, an alien race who seem to be everywhere. They seem friendly enough but from what little I’ve seen, they have a dark origin story! I’ve been attacked by hostile ships twice, and survived. Upgrading your ship quickly becomes a priority after you scrape through your first few encounters.

No Man's Sky_20160831003819
The best “loading screen” I’ve ever seen!

The travel between planets acts as a kind of loading screen. You have to watch and wait as your ship speeds through the thousands of miles in between each destination, a distance meter steadily counting down. Again some people have hit out saying this takes too long, but just think: Your PC or your PS4 is loading a Planet. A whole planet! Filled with hills, valleys, settlements and creatures! Some people have no patience.

I was quite unprepared for the backlash I’ve mentioned above. I had been excited for the game before release, but I wasn’t watching every single interview with bated breath, I wasn’t going through every quote with a fine tooth comb. Maybe there are some features missing? Maybe I benefited from a certain amount of ignorance? It doesn’t really matter to me. I’m having fun with the game at the moment, and I fully expect some of the omissions to be patched in via future updates. My purchase of No Man’s Sky is still money well spent in my eyes, although it won’t be an experience everyone will enjoy.

Anyone else have any views on this?

8 thoughts on “No Man’s Sky Update, Thoughts

  1. Really want to try this game for me it’s a technical achievement never done before, I only hope that a co op mode is maybe brought in to it as that is the only reason I haven’t picked it up yet. Regardless anyway, glad to hear your enjoying it mate keep these reviews coming!


    1. Cheers Mike! The price point is a little high right now if there’s an element that’s putting you off. (I’ve seen price points up to £50 for this!) I’m sure they’ll drop the price eventually to something a little more reasonable. And hopefully they’ll patch in some way for players to communicate eventually!


  2. Awesome post! I’m not really sure how I feel about the game. I started off not liking it because I didn’t even know what my objective was or how to accomplish anything. I spent 3 hours trying to get off the initial planet because I couldn’t find any zinc. Finally when the exploration stuff started to pick up, I had a better time, but with time, I found myself more and more going back to Overwatch. It’s not a bad game, but I enjoy playing other games more.

    I’m actually the Community Content Manager for, and I would be thrilled if you considered cross posting your stuff to our platform. If you don’t know much about us- we’re the same team behind Movie Pilot, and push to give awesome writers (like yourself) the exposure they deserve. Feel free to email me! My email and more info is on my about page. 🙂

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    1. Totally understandable. No Man’s Sky is a huge, sprawling journey. But at times it can feel a little slow and desolate. I’ve seen enough of Overwatch to know it’s the exact opposite – tense shootouts and fast paced action!

      Thank you for your kind words, and the offer! I’ve had a look around NowLoading and I really like it. Will be in touch soon.


  3. It’s not really my type of game (I’m more of the RPGer, puzzle game, and platformer type), but the internet vitriol seems overly vicious! The developers could probably release updates to fulfill these broken promises I’d assume (just like they sort of did for Mass Effect 3 when that caused an understandable uproar). From what you’re saying it almost seems like Destiny without having to deal with other people…so maybe it IS my type of game hehe.


    1. Ooh don’t reopen those ME3 wounds Shameful haha! I was so angry!

      I can see both sides of the No Man’s Sky argument, but the way the internet has flipped it’s collective lid has me scratching my head. It’s a great game to dip into, spend a few hours with and come back out again. In the age of constant updates and patches, I have to believe this game will look totally different a year from now. It’s a shame people have no patience these days!

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      1. Oh I raged and ranted for a while myself, and I didn’t even play the games, I only watched lol. ME was arguably my favorite series that I never played. I liked it even better than Dragon Age and I’ve always favored fantasy over sci-fi, but ME had a bit of that mystic element to it, and you could easily get lost in the wiki. I was FURIOUS that they’d ended it so poorly. It’s like you don’t do that to such a great story.

        People are really impatient. They want instant gratification and don’t realize that sometimes “promises” can’t always be kept immediately. I’m a George R R Martin fan and let me tall you how rabid and angry people are for his sixth book to come out. It’s so bad that some “fans” have actually given it one star reviews on Goodreads even before its release, because they’re sick of waiting. I’m a writer so I understand how long manuscripts can take to complete. Add editing to that pile and you’re talking years. Then considering he’s dealing with over a thousand named characters and a ton of intricate plot lines? Come on people. If you want things to be good they take time. But at least with games you can have updates and patches. The internet always needs something to complain about though!


  4. Your title worried me but I’m glad it’s a decent game. It may be the game I wanted Destiny to be. I love Destiny but it still feels too restrictive for a game where you travel through space. This feels like the game I wanted all along.


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