On This Day 2: Cha-Ching Edition!

The industry is RAKING in the cash this month!

I cheated a little with this one, as we seem to have slipped into the 1st of July. Bugger. Please forgive the tardiness, and have a look at a truly fascinating day in Videogame history!

On the 30th of June……

1984 – In Tokyo, Japan, the top three Track & Field video game players from the US play against the top three Japanese players, over two days. The world champion Gold Medalist is John Britt of Riverside, California. I bet his thumbs were sore!

1987 – Sega releases the OutRun video game for the Sega Mark III system in Japan.

1995 – The video game Arc the Lad is released for the PlayStation in Japan. On release, Famicom Tsūshin scored the PlayStation version of the game a 31 out of 40. It’s a classic 2D RPG, and is well liked by the public.

1998 – Take 2 Interactive releases the Grand Theft Auto video game for the PlayStation. Just take that in. Grand Theft Auto Started today.

2000 – Rare releases the Perfect Dark video game for the Nintendo 64 in the UK and Europe. A first person shooter hell-bent on taking Goldeneye’s N64 crown. It didn’t quite manage it, but Perfect Dark is a really solid game with cool weapons and intense multiplayer action!

2002 – Microsoft reports worldwide sales of the Xbox to date as 4 million. Unit sales of video games worldwide for the Xbox are about 20 million. The figures are encouraging, but Microsoft still have work to do – the PS2 is still going strong.

2003 – Activision sues Viacom, claiming that its ten-year exclusive deal to produce Star Trek video games is losing value due to Viacom’s neglect of the franchise.

2003 – Total sales of video game hardware and software in the US during January-June: US$3.5 billion.

2004 – Total sales of video game hardware and software in the US during January-June: US$3.4 billion. And this is JUST the USA!

2007 – Microsoft’s Xbox 360 business loses US$1.9 billion for the fiscal year. This is likely due to the WORST technical oversight in videogame history, the Red Ring of Death!

2007 – To date, shipments of current generation video game systems in the USA: Xbox 360 5.6 million, Nintendo Wii 2.8 million, PlayStation 3 1.4 million.

Them’s a loooooooooot of millions and billions!  Our final thoughts from Conker?


Catch you next time, folks!

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