Unrelated: EU Referendum

Britain suffers it’s own LOAD/ERROR?

Wow, I never thought I’d be blogging about political issues.

Yesterday was the first time I’ve voted in my life. I have a very cynical view of our politicians, our politcal parties and our election system in general. But this seemed different. This wasn’t one bunch of canniving, scheming, expense-guzzling suits against another…. This was about whether or not we’d have the support of the European Union.

When I first thought about the UK free from the bonds of EU membership I quite liked the idea. We could set our own laws, and wouldn’t have the same restrictions as oher EU members do. We could do what was best for OUR country, full stop.

However, the more I read about what we get from the EU, the more I swung towards remain. EU members all must adhere to certain laws, the exact number has never been disclosed, but these laws range from the working Time Directive (preventing companies from making staff work excessive amounts of hours) to basic health and safety, like Cigarette Health warnings and the compulsory use of car booster seats for children under a certain height. Without the EU’s support, our Government could quite happily scrap any of these laws, and we would be powerless to stop them!

There’s also free trade to EU member states. If we’re not in the EU, there’s the worry of having to put some kind of deal in place, to import and export.  Setting this up could take time, cost money, and put many of our businesses and industries at risk.

Working/Living/Studying anywhere in the EU could be a lot more difficult. And we’d lose any protection under EU law if someting occured abroad. Travelling itself could become more expensive too.

The reasons were mounting up. There were just too many risks and too much change. Leaving the EU seemed like a lose-lose situation for me. After all the financial instability of the last decade, it seemed silly for our country to shrug off support from neighbouring countries.

For the first time, in my 32 years on Earth, I went to a polling station, and put a big X in the box marked “REMAIN”. I get up the next morning and check my phone on the way to work. The result is in, and it’s LEAVE.

I’m completley baffled. There was a lot of mud-slinging from both sides during the campaign trail, and a lot of false information and scaremongering (they ARE our politicians, so I’m not surprised in the slightest) There was also the untimely death of Jo Cox, an MP firmly on the side of remain, which shook the whole country up. It was tough to concentrate on the facts, and cut through all the rubbish.

We seemed to be lacking any kind of impartial viewpoint, and maybe if the general public were reminded of some of the points I’ve made above, they might have voted differently.  Instead scare tactics like immigration and a catchy name for the movement… “BREXIT!” seem to have captured people’s imagination.

Anyway, the result was in. I checked my phone at 7.15 this morning. Since then, David Cameron has announced he’ll be stepping down for the Tories, the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has suffered a “no confidence” motion from his own party, and the value of the british pound has slumped to it’s lowest point in 7 years. Political parties in both Scotland and Ireland are talking about voting on their own independence from the UK.

How is any of this a “good move”?  It’s tough to see any long term benefits right now.

Countries in Europe are said to be stunned by the result, as are 48.1% of the British public. Today has been a strange day for sure, and no-one really knows what’s going to happen going forward.

We can lament what has happened. I certainly will. But democracy has spoken and changes, they’re coming.

This is such a serious post, and I’m hardly qualified as a videogame blogger to talk about this. Take from it what you will, and I promise normal service will resume tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Unrelated: EU Referendum

  1. Well said Chris, lots to think about. I think the Leave voters have unfortunately been quite naive, and not thought about the consequences as much as you have. I also think a lot have been manipulated by cynical politicians such as Nigel Farage who have played on their prejudices in order to gain votes. We must always vote according to our principles, and try and vote for the greater good. Love you, Mo X X X

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