Opening doors officially!

Load/Error: Safe for public consumption!

I’ve been tinkering around with the idea of a videogame blog for almost 2 years now.  Katie had some family round, and they were given the usual tour of the house.  While admiring the games room and commenting on the lack of a Spectrum (don’t worry mate I fixed that!)  Katie’s brother Andy put the idea in my head about doing a gaming blog.

This IS my specialist subject, and I was excited at the idea.  There’s just so MUCH to talk about.  So much history and so much to come as well!  The videogame landscape is always changing.

What I couldn’t agree on was the formatting.  I battled with several different blog providers, spending AGES messing around and trying to get things just the way I wanted them.  (This is my second go-round with wordpress for example!)

Finally, I’ve cracked it.  The last few weeks have been a joy, because I can just keep coming back and banging out posts without worrying if the widgets are right or the background needs looking at!  The only question was:  How many posts before I start advertising this?  I didn’t want you all to visit, see a welcome post and leave again.

So, after all that…. Welcome to Load/Error!  PLEASE spread the word, follow if you want to and keep coming back!  The hardest part of this for me personally will be getting it off the ground.  Hopefully this blog can get some wings and we can REALLY take it places!

Ideas for future posts?  Let me know.  I’ll cover your favourite game if you want.  This is what I do, this is what I love.

(Oh and Katie.  I love you too dear!)


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