First Play: Zelda: A link to the Past

Experienced for the first time, in 2016!

Our house was never a Nintendo one. Amstrad, Amiga, Sega, Sony…. but never Nintendo for some reason, save for an original Gameboy. (That always got taken on holiday, left out to bake in the sunshine in several different countries and it STILL works!) My friend Steven had a NES, and my cousin Kevin had a SNES. So I would dip into games like Super Mario Brothers and Aladdin as often as I could. But the bigger single player games, went unplayed. Simply because I couldn’t invest the time into them.

Now the tables have turned. I own every Nintendo console apart from the Wii-U. And today, I’m feeling a little retro. What do Nintendo fans rant and rave about? “Mario 64!” you all shout? No no I want something else. How aboooout…. Zelda?


Thanks to a piece of GENIUS called a flash cartridge (I’ll get round to those in another post) I can play anything I want to. And since I want Zelda, there it is! A link to the past. And BOY is that title accurate. I did toy around with the idea of playing Ocarina. But the 2D sprites produced by the SNES are gorgeous and they’ve made up my mind already. So here we go!

There’s something wonderful about old games. There’s no sprawling 3D metropolis stretching out as far as your eye can see. Nothing requires you to hold L1 and click in the right stick. There’s a princess in a castle and I have to find the secret entrance. I’m exploring, having fun throwing around the scenery because I’ve realised there are green gems to be collected. Once I get in and I get my sword (R.I.P Dad!) it’s even more fun as I get to grips with the combat. Point here and stab takes a little¬†getting used to after Guacamelee’s super intense wrestling action!

Some enemy soldiers look meaner than the others. So rather than risk my precious health hearts, Link goes all Solid Snake and creeps past un-noticed. The lush green backdrop is replaced by a dimly-lit castle, as I track down the Princess. When I finally make it to her cell, she’s guarded by a big dude swinging a mace! I dodge and counter with a boomerang I found, stunning him so I can leap in and do some damage!

No Way is there a gif of this!  I love the internet.

How much fun does that sound? It was REALLY good. And I’m just starting out on my adventure. I won’t be relaying EVERY step of my journey, because it would take forever. (I’ve already missed out a few bits to stop you getting bored). My first impressions are that even today, this game is still playable and it’s still fun too. I’m looking forward to continuing my adventure, and I’ll update this post when I do.

Wish me luck, I’m off to find the “Master Sword!”

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