First Video: Die Hard Arcade!

Call your friends.

I’ve been wanting to put a video on here for SO long, it’s been a journey.  First I had to buy some capturing equipment.  Got it working and learnt how to use it.  Then, a new microphone.  So i could record audio over the top.  After some troubleshooting, THAT was working.  Then came all the trials and tribulations around video editing, and Youtube channels.

Phew!  Finally, we’re ready to go with video number 1.  I was nervous, and testing the waters here.  But don’t let that ruin the fun.  Die Hard Arcade is amazing.  Not shown is crazy co-op action, murderous robots, and several “questionable” boss characters (an 8ft tall American Football player in full tackle gear springs to mind!)

If you ever get the chance, give this a go!

Enjoy the show. If you have requests for future videos, I’d love to hear them.  And as usual, comments are appreciated!

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