*Shakes fist angrily* Rant ahead!

Oooh now they’ve got me mad.

I’ve JUST finished posting my games room setup.  It’s taken hours today, with a lot of patience and I actually hoovered and everything!  I’m really pleased with the results, too.  So I sit back, put some music on and surf around my usual sites on the net.

I read a story on Kotaku – yes I don’t mind referencing them – apparently reports are coming in concerning the release of not one, but TWO new versions of the Xbox One in the near future!


I know, I know, don’t beleive everything you read on the internet.  But this might well be true!  Sony have already announced a brand new version of the PS4 (fans have dubbed it the PS4.5) allegedly this new Playstation will output a 4k resoultion (read: shinier grpahics) and may or may not have built-in VR capabilities.  Maybe this is an Xbox return strike?

So the first new Xbox model (according to this report) will be a slimline version of the Xbox One, which will be cheaper to make and cheaper therefore to sell.  It may have a couple of features knocked out (Kinect support is a distinct possibility)   The second version (you guessed it) is a beefed up machine, which may have VR support in the form of Oculus Rift and have a more powerful GPU.

Lovely.  New Hardware.  BUT WHY??  These consoles are barley two years old!

We’ve had the re-designs before (Ps2 Slim, Master System 2, whatever.)  But when it came down to it, these machines played games exactly the same as their original cousins.  A slim, cheaper  XBOne is actually okay in my book.  It may attract new fans which is always good.  These new beefier consoles?  Ughhh! Another matter altogether!

They’ll come out with a price point, either more expensive, or just as expensive as the ones we already own (the ones we already own will now be worth about half of what we paid for them) and there will be a whole HOST of shiny new games coming out to utilize the new processors.  Sure, they’ll work on our systems too… but they’ll be full of performance issues and game boxes will have “best on the NEW Xbox One” written all over them!  Well done, MicroSony.  Most of your userbase now feels inferior.

Ha!  The internet knows how to cheer me up!

It really riles me up.  Consoles aren’t cheap.  You buy one, and you expect it to sit in your living room for at LEAST five years before it’s manufacturer starts going on about it’s next vision, leaving your £300 console as an afterthought!

And to be honest, I don’t think it’s a good move for the console makers either. Of the MILLIONS who own a PS4/XBO already, how many are going to sell their system AND fork out the extra cash, for a few more bells and a shinier whistle?

It’s all about money.  Slim consoles?  More sales.  Beefier consoles?  More sales. Meanwhile these companies will fracture their  customer numbers into two groups. And alienate the die hard fans who bought their console at launch date.  Not to mention giving all the game developers extra work.  Because now their game has to work on TWO systems!

Apologies for the rant, but the current state of the nation is getting under my skin.  Take the PS2 – one of the best selling consoles of all time – never had a hardware upgrade in it’s 13 YEAR life.  The Megadrive had Upgrades in the form of the Mega CD and the 32x… and that was the start of the biggest fall from grace the industry has ever seen!

We don’t need new hardware yet.  Companies need to focus on bringing out games and peripherals for the consoles we already have.  And show their customers a little respect!

Sigh.  Sorry about the rant.  It’s late and I’m wound up.  Drop a comment if you like.  I’m off to play Crazy Taxi.

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