My Childhood on a CD

The best video game Music of ALL TIME! Okay, so name a game you enjoyed playing at whatever point of your life.  Something you really got into and played the hell out of.  Even non-gamers can usually come up with one.  Was it Super Mario World on a Snes?  Or were you a PSOne person, playing Crash Bandicoot ’till the Sun came up?  Or (whisper it) were you one of….those….people who enjoyed the Call of Duty?

Wherever your allegiances lie (hopefully not with Call of Duty) when you think of your favourite game, I bet the first thing that pops into your head is the music.  Gameplay can change, levels can change, but the music is constant.  Just a few notes from a game’s soundtrack can suck you straight back to wherever you were the first time you loaded it up.  It sets the tone, builds the atmosphere, and in my opinion, forms a large part of your experience!

Games with good soundtracks are so much more memorable.  Tonight I’ve compiled a list of great songs, sounds and moments from my gaming life.  Some are well known, others are completley niche and only a few people on this Earth will get where they come from.  I thought you’d like a listen!  Simply use the player buttons to skip back and forth.

HAVE I MISSED ANYTHING?  I bet you think I have.  Because everyone has their favourites (and because I missed a lot of Nintendo growing up haha!)  please comment.  If I get enough suggestions this thread will get a sequel and like any good DJ, I’ll try and play your requests!

4 thoughts on “My Childhood on a CD

    1. When I thought of game music I HAD to include Qwak! Lots of fun memories…. we got really far last time Cazzie, need to try again sometime!


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