Attention: LOAD/ERROR!

An introduction – let’s get the wheels in motion!

Hello and welcome!  This is my new shiny blog about games.  Old games, new games, handheld games, arcade games…. From the “stop and pop” gameplay of Gears of War, to Boogerman, a “pick and flick” adventure on the Megadrive, the aim of Load/Error is to cover it all!

My name is Chris, I’m from Manchester, UK.  I’m better known by the handle “itsonlyleggy” so you’ll be seeing more of that.  Ever since my parents bought me my first computer (An Amstrad 464, with a green screen monitor) I’ve been hooked on gaming.  As I’ve gotten older, technology has improved and games are bigger, and more advanced than ever before.  The videogame industry doesn’t want to be as big as the film industry anymore…. it’s bigger!

Yet I refuse to forget my roots.  It’s great to take a look back and remember the classics.  The greats of yesteryear are still just as playable now.  And it’s so easy to just jump into them, so instantly rewarding to play them, that I often choose to play an Atari game over say, an Xbox 360 game.  Which is why all systems will get equal love on L/E!

I’ve got loads of feature pieces planned for this blog, as well as reviews, how-to’s and various hacks I’ve found along the way.  So please subscribe, comment, email if you want to, and keep coming back!

One thought on “Attention: LOAD/ERROR!

  1. This was a sneaky, surprise development but a welcome one. Great to see you embrace the world of the blog. Will definitely be checking this out.


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